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This page keeps tracks on the changes and additions going on at Cloudy Night.

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Friday, December 10th, 1999
  • I DID IT! I needede to reconstruct the entire website to get rid of that missing background problem but it's done now *phew*. As always, I've been most busy with yaoi, if you happen to be a yaoi fan, drop me a line and I'll give you the address

  • There's something new on my Journal page too

Saturday, November 27th, 1999
  • Even in between all the yaoi fanaticism, I've gotten you a nice new link on the links page for Smoochies Lite. So much stuff on Cloud there...you gotta visit that place. Oh, and the problem with some background pictures missing during the last few weeks has been solved , even though some little problems might still be found. I'm continuing to work on it...

Monday, November 15th, 1999
  • Why no updates? I've been working on..well, other sites. It's yaoi related, so I've decided to leave these pages are a generic "who I am" archive but I won't link to that site directly from here - I do not wish to offend people who don't care for yaoi. If you're interested, you can always ask me. Perhaps I'll have time to update something else here too eventually, but my priorities are in writing something else, I'm quite busy with it nowadays. As long as I have ideas in mind, I'll write about them

Tuesday, September 28th, 1999
  • They say it's one of the biggest faults of a web page owner to start telling excuses why there's no update. I won't even start. But for now, I finally felt enough sure of myself to add Silent Hall to my library. Is it any good, is something everyone can decide for theirself
Tuesday, August 17th, 1999
  • Okay, this is what I've been thinking of for the last week. No updates here, but please(pretty please with a sugar on top) visit Cloud's birthday pages at http://happy.birthday.cloud.nu
Tuesday, August 3rd, 1999
  • Just a quick note - this weekend, I'm off to Assembly'99, and I'll be taking my computer with me, so the earliest time I can do my next update is next tuesday, when I get back. During this time, I will receive email, and be able to respond, perhaps with a bit of a delay though, but I won't be online with ICQ
Monday, August 2nd, 1999
  • I just woke up in the middle of the night with a crazy feeling to write my thoughts...some of them in the journal. It's probably just crazy, but I needed to store my thoughts somewhere
Friday, 23rd July, 1999
  • There's one new link for today...doesn't seem like much, but when you pay reflection's site a visit, you'll see it's enough to keep you busy for weeks ^_^
Monday, 19th July, 1999
  • I decided to try creating a third page for the second gallery...the program used to create this gallery page is a very new custom program, but it can save a lot of time, big thanks to the Systems Specialist of VMG(my second workplace), Mikko Lammi. It would help us both greatly if you could email me of any problems there might be with the new gallery page and it's functionality
Sunday, 18th July, 1999
  • The program I talked about seemed to work...I'm just figuring out should I first put up pics of my Midsummer Day vacation or maybe try the program in creating a new gallery
  • But before that, something new in the Library
Friday, 9th July, 1999
  • Just a quick note - I'm not dead or abducted, but I've been waiting. A friend of mine, who also put my bbs up and running, is making a program that is going to help me design future picture galleries. This program can make the job a lot easier which means more galleries. We're in the final stages of testing this program now and I hope it can soon be used here.
  • Also worth noting, Aya's birthday was on July 4th...even though late, congratulations ^_^ ... I'll have to think of something special for Cloud's birthday on August 19th *starts thinking*
Sunday, 27th June, 1999
  • Back from my Midsummer Day vacation in the country...I took a pile of pics which I intend to put in a collection, but before that, here's two that that I already posted on the Bad Candy BBS: Yellow Flowers and Midnight Sky
Friday, 18th June, 1999
  • Now prepare for something different, in this case - Too Much Coke
Wednesday, 16th June, 1999
  • I took the time to visit Helsinki, the capital of Finland and aside from that, I've slept a lot on my vacation. But, I did manage to put up another gallery page - page 2 in the Aya gallery
Monday, 7th June, 1999
  • Okay, so I missed the promised update by a day, but I think you'll agree it was worth waiting for - allow me to introduce the second page of the Cloud fanart gallery featuring the works of Mariko Sishoda. Journal updates coming this week too and who knows, maybe another gallery page somewhere...
Friday, 4th June, 1999
  • Just a quick note that I'm not dead or anything, just had to finish my studies. A better update will be coming on sunday when I get back from our country place
Sunday, 23rd May, 1999
Saturday, 22nd May, 1999
  • Aya gallery coming up on Sunday. Would be right now but I'm dead tired and it's 4 AM. I got the pic usage granted for the problem I mentioned in my Journal so all is ready for go
Friday, 21st May, 1999
  • Ready and not ready...read more in the Journal, which is actually the only visible thing updated today(actually it got marked for the 22nd day as the day just changed)
Thursday, 20th May, 1999
  • The Aya-gallery is progressing, I have a few permissions for pic usage. I'm using a new type of html code and javascript to ease the viewing of the images. I've got the first 20 pics lined up, but making a pile of html code and testing takes time, but they'll be up soon. Also, I've been thinking of writing a study on Kawaii overdose...more info on that in my journal soon ^_^
Wednesday, 19th May, 1999
  • I got this funny idea on expanding my gallery a bit. After a little thinking and some good opinions from other people, I've chosen to focus my second gallery on Aya(Ran) Fujimiya of Weiß Kreuz. I've sent a few requests for picture usage and I've also planned of using a new style of linking the images, to ease the use. I might have something in the next few days and of course, I'll keep working on my Cloud gallery
Friday, 17th May, 1999
  • Finally the first part of the Fanarts gallery. I also made myself a new windows background piccy, here's a small version, and if anyone's interested, I can make larger versions for all neccessary resolutions, just email me or note on icq
Friday, 14th May, 1999
  • I had this up already a few days ago but I wanted to wait for confirmation on the webring keeper - my first webring is on the webrings page, which can be found in the links-section. Also some stuff in my journal
Monday, 10th May, 1999
  • I wrote a little song wannabe this weekend which I put up on the Library page. Comments are, as always, very welcome
Sunday, 9th May, 1999
  • I couldn't put the fan arts gallery open yet, I'm still waiting for some permissions to release fan art pics. However, I opened the cosplay gallery. It's small, but at least something done today
Wednesday, 5th May, 1999
  • Just here to put up a new (interesting?) story to my journal. I might be back tonight to put some more picture up in the gallery
Monday, 26th April, 1999
  • Release - and in schedule. That's too miracles in one day, worth celebrating. There's still much to be done, but the most of this works. There are probably many missing links, problems, areas not designed yet, but at least it's something. If you see any incorrect links or other problems, or just ideas, please email them to me at dreams@dreaming.nu
Sunday, 25th April, 1999
  • A busy weekend, but worth it. I've got two official gallery pages ready, the plans for the fanart galleries are progressing, the library has one entry and the BBS is ready tomorrow. Looks like I can keep my promise to James on the Bad Candy BBS and release this tomorrow
Friday, 23rd April, 1999
  • FINALLY I got the web stuff out of work so I could continue. I've got a lot of work to do, but at least I don't have to start from scratch. Right now I'll start making the missing page title pictures...and please note my comments on those ridiculous looking blue spheres...it's in the journal
Wednesday, 18th March, 1999
  • d'oh ... the BBS is delayed again, I just hope that it's up soon, everything else is progressing very well but I really want the bbs ready before release
Sunday, 7th March, 1999
  • This weekend, I've spent just about every free second working on Cloudy Night. If I keep this up for a few more days, I'll be uploading it in just a few days. Note to self: what's new would've been a better name, but I already made all the graphics...better to just live with it
  • Some email requests for using other people's arts will be sent today, and some more tomorrow