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My best guess is that you probably don't want to know, but since other people seem to be telling about themselves, I'd seem dishonest if I didn't at least try to do the same. Reming me if I missed something.

Oh, and I'll have to admit, I've borrowed the styles for this page from other pages, I hope it doesn't look like a direct duplicate, but I'll respect the opininons of the original designers, no need to flame, just tell me about it.

I update this from time to time from here and there, and I'm continuously working on the long story(more info at the bottom of this page).


This place is reserved for a photo or a drawing of myself. I'm saving some money currently to buy a new digital camera(I lost the old one...only I can manage to that ^_^) Name: Antti Eturautti
Nicknames: Dreamseeker, Vekotin(in the gaming scene...don't ask me what it means ^)

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthdate: November 21st, 1979

Hometown: Tampere, Finland

Occupation: NT Support at Tamfelt, main organizer and founder, Vekoduck Media Group

ICQ: 3148482
My ICQ online status

Anything you have to say, comments on the pages or the content, ideas, suggestions or just plain talk, I don't mind. I get enough email, but there's never much of anything that really has content. Negative or positive, I don't mind, just no mindless flaming or spam

Stuff(how constructive ;)

I can: play around with computers and networks, work with basic computer graphics, understand basic music theory, understand some musical instruments

I can't: draw(except on the computer and even there only basic vectors and 3d), stay calm, look at the bright side

I don't: eat breakfast unless I'm in a hotel, go to the barber shop enough often(and it shows ;), stop talking when I should

I like to: bicycle, write, sing(neighbours beware), talk and chat with people, dream

I like: anime arts, ff7, having good friends, music(please don't ask me to specify, I can't - I like something, and I don't like something else)

I don't like: driving a car, politics, email spam, phone bills, studying subjects I'm not interested in(math!!!), the unfriendliness of the gaming scene

Stuff - the sequel(note to self: get a life)

On the side of entertainment, I don't go the movies often, I usually rent the videos or dvd's home. I'd like to watch a lot more anime, but there's nothing on tv and buying them on video costs waaaay too much. I am thinking of ordering some anime dvd's and maybe some videos directly from usa sometime soon, probably at least Slayers and Evangelion, maybe Weiß Kreuz too. I watch a little scifi now and then, Star Trek Voyager and Babylon 5. Also some lighter entertainment like The Simpsons. When I'm bored, I switch on MTV and leave it in the background. I remember enjoying some movies more than others, this would include Star Trek Insurrection, Contact, Dragonheart, Forrest Gump(geeze!) and some classic comedy titles like Airplane(also known as Flying High) and The Naked Gun.

I play some computer games. I -LOVE- Final Fantasy VII. Cloud's my favorite character. I've got a dozen wallscrolls and a hundred pics on my walls with Cloud. I've been thinking of buying Playstation for over a year now. Square rules. Quake is best enjoyed in very small doses. Death Gate is the best western style adventure game ever. Wing Commander is good entertainment. Old Nintendo games rule. I never got to play A Link to the Past. Did I mention FF VII is the best?

I can't draw. I like art. I like some people's art a lot more than others. I like Kellilla Yarwood's art even more. I write stuff, sometimes songs. My skills in making notations really suck. I scare my neighbours and parents in my attempts to practice them. I played the violin for eight years. My parents don't know anything about music, but my brother does.

I thought for a long time my favorite color was green, but actually, it wasn't. It's blue. I have a good memory, but very short. Who am I? I don't answer the phone when I'm asleep, I even pull the plug out sometimes. I hate bustrips, but like travelling on train. I don't talk with people as much as I'd want to. My big brother is a teacher. I should sleep more.

No more here, but I also have a longer story. It's always on the works, and I'm not sure I want to put it public just yet. But, if you want to see it in it's unfinished format, drop me a line <>>