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I feel enough mercy towards you readers that I'll show you a way out to a better place *_*. These links are sorted in alphabetical order by site name. I might categorize them better if the list grows.

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Clubs and webrings


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name/owner: Angel Black by reflection
description: Weiß Kreuz related Fanfics. Great fanfics. Must-read fanfics. Just click the button and see it for yourself, and soon you'll wonder how you ever managed before... (5682 bytes)
name/owner: Animage Homepage by Sara Jenkins
description: One of the most beautiful FF7 arts I've seen is a cooperation of Sara Jenkins and Charles Park. (joint gallery page 1, third image from the top) (19325 bytes)
name/owner: Bad Candy by Kellilla Yarwood
description: The best of 'em. Her arts have been the bright spot of so many of my days. And, she's got a link button with Cloud, what more could I want. (3510 bytes)
name/owner: C-Show-Da by Mariko Sishoda
description: Some of the very, VERY, best and beautiful pictures here. I can note something very beautiful in the style, it's just awesome... (10351 bytes)
name/owner: Smoochies Lite by Melaniede Chantraine
description: The original "non-lite" Smoochies continues to be my fave site at Aestheticism, and this one has some of the best stuff of that. So much Cloud...gotta love that place ^__^