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From time to time, I end up writing this and that. Usually, it's so horrible I can't stand reading it myself and I don't want to harm the few readers I have here. But even those that pass my strange criteria for getting published here, might be hazardous to your health. You have been warned ^__^



date/time: 2nd August 1999, started writing at about 2.30 AM
place: Tampere, Finland, at home
description: For a long while I had felt like no inspirations, but then I realized I just had to look for them from somewhere else. When I realized my thoughts better...

A View

date/time: 18th July 1999, started writing at 4.47
place: Tampere, Finland, at home
description: It was a common saturday night, but all of a sudden I got a small idea for a few words I could write. Can't describe it any better, it was like lightning from a clear sky


date/time: 7th April 1999, started writing at 0.23
place: Heinola, Finland, at our country place
description: The night was Cloudy, but somehow I felt like I could see more than the stars that could be seen on a clear night. I felt safe, like I wasn't alone


date/time: 9th and 10th May 1999, started writing at 3.57(AM that is)
place: Tampere, Finland, at home
description: I've always wanted to write words to a song but have never had the time or skill to make up a melody, so I borrowed the melody from Fly me to the Moon of the Evangelion soundtrack