Anyone else think these sphere don't fit here?

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This page describes the contents of, and story behind Cloudy Night. It might actually answer some of your questions before you have to ask me. Still, feel free to ask them again ^__^


Cloudy Night
Antti Eturautti / 1998-1999
Questions and answers(like an FAQ, but nobody really asks these questions ;)

What's the name about?
It's a combination of a pile of things in my mind. First, as my nick being Dreamseeker, it's most common for people to dream at night. Just "night" isn't any kind of a name so I thought about Cloud from FF7 and somehow, that made sense - for me anyway. The idea goes something like "even as the night is dark and my road ahead is uncertain, I have no fear for I am not alone". Gotta make that sound better sometime.

What's the URL about?
I browsed for available domain names for months and just hit more and more walls. I actually tried to break through one of these walls...I wanted as it was unused, even though registered, but no luck there. Finally, I came down to two choices, and with the help of some nice people at the Bad Candy BBS, I decided on

The page design is creepy
I had this idea over half a year before I had this on the net and in that time, I've started hating it more and more. But the truth is, if I didn't put it up now, I'd never get it done. I've got a new, brighter design...maybe if I see even the smallest popularity here, I'll double my efforts and try to get it online asap.

Where in the world is this server hosted?
The server is one I have for my gaming projects and sites, and I managed to talk the isp over to let me have some of my own pages here, too. It's located at TPO, The Tampere Telephone Company main building, somewhere deep undeground. Special thanks go to Jarkko Järvinen for this

And what is the story behind those oddly positioned blue spheres in some of the logos?
I found I could make one in the main logo, and I thought that if anyone would really come further in, they deserve to get more of 'em ;~)
Seriously, I have no idea. They're -VERY- random

You can't draw, so what's the point of the gallery?
That's right, I can't. But I thought of collecting some pictures that I find nice. I spent a long time collecting official and fan arts of Cloud Strife, so I thought I'd put them up here - fan arts only if I get the artists' permissions. Finding the contact info is sometimes something between very difficult and impossible, but I'll always try.

Just Cloud?
For now...but I do have ideas for creating other galleries too. But before that, the Cloud gallery is going to grow a lot larger. I have a LOT of pictures of Cloud still unreleased

How should I contact you?
Email is good, see the profile page for details. ICQ is also good, if I'm awake. Remember that my time zone is Finland(GMT+2) so I might not be awake at the same time, if you live in the USA for example. Of course, the contact method depends on what you want to tell me. But you don't have to have anything to tell me, if just this-and-that chatting, I like it. But please, if you have a point to make, say it clearly. Don't write like me - less typos is a lot easier to read. And, before sending attachments, make sure it's ok for me.

Will you help me with my web pages?
Geeze, you've seen how horrible these here are, I'm not the best person to help you. Also, I rarely have the time. But it never hurts to ask, if there's something I can do. For example, if you'd like a BBS system like I have here, it's not a big problem to host or copy it to someone else, I at least like it more than those horrible commercial ones with big banners. But remember that talk about not always having the of course depends on what I'm spending my time on. For example, if it's an arts related page, I'll be more than happy to help, but don't expect any cooperation for sites with pirated software. Website or email hosting? That's tougher...but then, I try not to use the word impossible

Someone wants to link my page? {{{hugs}}} please do, I've prepared a few link buttons for that use. Tell me about it, and I'll link back to you if you like. There's more information on this page

What's the BBS for?
Mindless talk, this and that. No real meaning, just come and share a few comments, ideas, thoughts, crazy things, whatever. I think there's no need to repeat the basics - of course there is to be no pornography, software piracy or so, those kinds of messages will be deleted. But otherwise there aren't many rules. For example, please go ahead and tell us about your site and link it there.

How do I submit my works, like arts, fanfics or something?
You just made my day. Email me or throw me a line via icq and we'll think of something. I'd really like to be able to draw gift pics to others too, but that's beyond my skills. I still can't draw. But maybe I can help you out with something else. Like always, it never hurts to ask.

The contact info again

So, you didn't feel like browsing to the profile page, did you? You're a bit lazy, you know...

ICQ: 3148482