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Welcome to the Gallery section of Cloudy Night. I have several(okay, currently two, but maybe more later ^) galleries, each focusing on a single anime character. The pictures come from various sources on the net and my main rule on gathering them is to have permission from the author, or webpage owner.

Speaking of permissions, the pictures on this page are from C-Show-Da(Cloud) and Hitomi's Galleria(Aya) and are used with permission

As mentioned before, I might expand this gallery into more sections later on, but the idea is not to re-invent the wheel - there's no need to make gallery of a character that already has a million galleries on the net. Remembering this, if you have any ideas on this, please tell me

And now, on to the pictures. Click on a character to enter a gallery, or read some generic info below the pictures first


Original Gallery

Cloud Strife

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Gallery II

Aya(Ran) Fujimiya

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Name: Cloud Strife
Age: 21
Height: 173cm(5'7")
Birthday: August 19
Blood type: AB
Name: Aya(Ran) Fujimiya
Age: about 20
Height: 178cm(5'10")
Birthday: July 4th
Blood type: A
Cloud is the main character of the Japanese RPG Final Fantasy VII. This is the original and first Gallery here at Cloudy Night, it contains official pics, fan arts, cosplay images and it's always growing. This is also the most important gallery for me, as Cloud is my favorite anime character The second gallery focuses on Aya, or Ran Fujimiya of Weiß Kreuz. What's the story with the two first names...sorry, no major spoilers here. Actually, I haven't seen the series yet myself but I've learned a little bit on the net. This gallery contains lots of pictures from all around the net, including tv screen caps